Module "SHERPA CLT-Connector"

SHERPA CLT-Connector

The input is divided into:

  • selection of the connection type
  • definition of CLT elements to be connected
  • selection of screw length
  • options
  • depending on the connection type further system specifications
  • input of loads and design factors

Selection of the connection type

Currently the following connection types are available:

  • corner connection (verification of a single connector)
  • connection in-plane (verification of a single connector)
  • connection wall-floor
corner connection connection in-plane connection wall-floor
corner connectionconnection in-planeconnection wall-floor

The elements to be connected are defined by the respective layup. The input is the same as for the Module "CLT-Plate 1D - Continuous beam".

Definition of the elements to be connected

If milling is necessary due to the thickness of the elements, a warning message is displayed and, if possible, an alternative screw length is mentioned.

Milling warning

The SHERPA CLT-Connector is fixed on element 1 (base element) at the factory by using 6 SHERPA special screws. A further 4 SHERPA special screws are used to connect element 2 (element to be connected). The length of the inclined screws can be 100 mm, 120 mm or 140 mm, depending on requirements.

Used screws

Intermediate layers such as compriband or sound insulation layers can be placed between the elements. Since the installation of a sound insulation layer influences the load capacity "shear force out of plane", this must be indicated via the option "sound insulation layer ≤ 12 mm".


In case of connection type "Connection wall-floor", wall height and length as well as an edge distance must be specified. When selecting the edge distance, always pay attention to the mounting suitability.

further system specifications

Depending on the selected connection type, either loads (connection type "connection wall-floor") or internal forces (connection type "corner connection" and "connection in-plane") must be specified.

Connection type "connection wall-floor"

For the connection type "connection wall-floor", a horizontal and a vertical load (design value) can be specified. The required number of connectors as well as the respective forces on the individual connectors are calculated by means of a linear elastic spring model, taking into account the geometry and the edge distances as well as the minimum and maximum distances between them.

Load data

Connection type "corner connection" and "Connection in-plane"

For the connection types "corner connection" and "connection in-plane", the action is specified by internal forces (forces acting on each individual connector). The connector can be exposed to a normal force as well as to shear forces in and out of plane. The internal forces to be specified are design values. Make sure that the sign is entered correctly.

Internal forces

Furthermore, the modification coefficient kmod and the partial safety factor γM must be specified.

Design factors

Information about the CLT-Connector is displayed between the input data (left) and the graphic (right). This includes, on the one hand, the load capacities and stiffnesses depending on the direction of loading and, on the other hand, the basis of the calculation (ETA, data specification and computation model).

Information about the SHERPA CLT-Connector

As a result, the utilisation ratios of the respective stress as well as the combined stress are indicated. The output differs slightly depending on the selected connection type.

Connection type "connection wall-floor"

For this connection type, the maximum utilization ratios as well as the utilization ratio of each individual connector are specified.

Results for the connection type "connection wall-floor"

Connection type "corner connection" and "connection in-plane"

Results for the connection types "corner connection" and "connection in-plane"

In addition to the utilization ratios, any warnings, e.g. regarding suitability for mounting and eccentricity of the connection, are also displayed here.

And to pay special attention:
The CLT elements must be verified separately!

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