Module "CLT-Plate loaded in plane"

CLT-Plate loaded in plane

The input is divided into:

  • definitions of the cross section
  • specification of parameters concerning structural fire design
  • internal forces (design values)
  • definitions of design factors

The input is the same as for the Module "CLT-Plate 1D - Continuous beam".

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In this module it is not possible to change the cross sectional width.

The input is the same as for the Module "CLT-Plate 1D - Continuous beam".

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Fire left / right instead of fire above and below.

In the tab „internal forces, stresses and utilization ratio“ it is possible to define the shear force in plane per unit length nxy,d, as well as the design factors. The design method is based on a board width which is chosen when defining the cross section.

Input - internal forces and design factors

The effective stiffnesses of a plate loaded in plane are given in the tab "cross section values" for the full cross section and in case of structural fire design for the charred cross section.

Cross section values

The small differences between the extensional stiffnesses Dx and Dy and the effective extensional stiffness EAef in the module CLT-Plate 1D result from the negligence of the extensional stiffness of the cross layers in this module.

The calculated substituted thicknesses, stresses as well as utilization ratios of the two mechanisms (Mechanism I – shear and Mechanism II – torsion) are given in the tab "internal forces, stresses and utilization ratios".

Furthermore, the utilization ratios, that were calculated based on ETA-08/242 [1] and ETA-09/0036 [2] are given.

Summary of the results

[1] Europäische Technische Zulassung ETA-08/0242: HMS - Element. Berlin. 11.03.2009. gültig bis 10.03.2014.
[2] Europäische Technische Zulassung ETA-09/0036: MM - BSP. Wien. 23.03.2009. gültig bis 22.03.2014.
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