Instructions for download and installation

The registration for the use of the CLTdesigners has to be done via the website of the CLTdesigner ( under Customer zone / Registration.

Website of the CLTdesigner

After successful registration and login on the website, the Download of the CLTdesigner can be started.


After logging in, the program can be started by pressing the Download link and selecting open with the Java Web Start Launcher.
The installation of Java 8 is required. A free version of Java can be downloaded from
However, please note the changes regarding the Oracle Java license.

Start of the CLTdesigner via the Java Web start Launcher

It is unnecessary to restart the program via the website. In the control panel in Windows the option “Java” exists.

Windows Control Panel

By clicking on it, the Java Control Panel is shown. Afterwards, let you show the “Temporary internet files” within the Java Control Panel.

Java Control Panel

By selecting the CLTdesigner in the Java Cache Viewer and by clicking on the green start button an online search for updates on the CLTdesigner is started. If an updated version is available, it is downloaded and the program is restarted.

Create shortcut By clicking on this button an icon is created on your desktop and in the item „All Programs“ within the start menu.


Programs in the start menu

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